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“Feel Your Love” - Daniel Quadrino | Review

I am on a yacht in Miami. Kidding, but I feel like I might be when I hear Daniel Quadrino’s new single “Feel Your Love.”

After a year plus of a torturous pandemic and more isolation most people have seen in their lifetimes, this song is the perfect track to blast for a feel good (IRL) dance party with (gasp), friends and family you haven't been able to see in person for quite some time.

A vibey, upbeat instrumental, paired with lyrics like “We cannot touch through the screen/and I'm feelin alone” hit at the core of the world's communication for the past year. I love that he took something that could feel so isolating, and spun it into excitement, hope and joy. He is right about one thing though, “Talking bout it, thinking bout it, dreaming bout it,” just wasn’t enough. We are ready for the world to recover, and this is the perfect track to make us feel more normal again.

Co-written by Phil Yancey and William Smith IV of Green Point Recording Collective, “Feel Your Love” is the artist's response to a year of quarantine and the people he loves most. “I wanted to create a song that would make people stop and dance, no matter what they're doing. It's my love letter to all those who have been separated from the ones they love most during this wild time.”

Written by Sydne Broady

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