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"Fantasy" - Kristian North | Review

I have one word to describe this track.


Yes, this song is pure funk. From neo-soul, to funk, to indie pop, this song is the definition of funky.

If you don't believe me regarding the level of funk, then you should hit up Youtube and watch the music video.

Even more funk.

The director of the video Phil Osbourne explained that Krisitan; “brought up the idea of capturing the times we are in… we cooked up a little dystopian sci-fi intro… which quickly transitions to a one man disco party.”

Makes sense. I know I have had numerous alone dance parties during quarantine. Have you?

“Fantasy” reminded me of a mix of a funky 70s song with George Michael lyrics. The classic funk guitar riffs heard in the background with robust lyrics all seem like a disco fever, bell bottom wearing, dystopian dream to me. Is that enough imagery for you?

Kristian is from Montreal, Canada. His bio states his “ poetic wordplay and deep crooner voice lay the foundation for candid songs that have approached the hi-fi soft rock of Warren Zevon, that arty disco of Roxy Music, and the smart new wave of Sparks of Elvis Costell.” But don't…



In all, once again, I really enjoyed this song.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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