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"Falling" - Seph Cove |Review

Combining elements of folk and indie pop, Seph Cove’s first single, “Falling,” is atmospheric, mellow, and thoughtfully reflective.

The song’s charm comes from the cinematic effect it has on its listener – images of summer sunsets and cotton candy skies flash across my mind in movie-montage style, and the feeling of cold sand beneath my feet is almost convincing. The song evokes a certain feeling that creates a heaviness in the chest, like when you know you’re going to remember this night forever and you’re trying to stay present in the moment. It’s like you’re yearning for the return of a moment that has yet to pass.

The simple acoustic guitar coupled with lofty vocal harmonies creates a romantic, nostalgic, pastel-colored world. The production of the song has a soft hazy daze to it, reminiscent of the image in your mind while trying to recall a distant, fond memory.

Seph Cove is the atmospheric and cinematic musical project by Australian singer, Ben Steiner. Combining elements of indie folk, chill beach rock, and indie pop, his music has much more to offer than catchy beats. “Falling” is the first single off his upcoming EP, produced by Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Written by Jess Ward, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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