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'Falling Down' Andy Rozz |Review

Andy Rozz is a Swedish-based DJ and EDM producer. He began playing music as a guitarist and drummer in a local Swedish band. It was there that he learned about Electronic music.

His latest single "Falling Down" mixes dark lyrics and pulsating production. Lyrics such as "The clock keeps ticking as the time flies. So many times I've forgiven you in my mind. My dreams keep haunting me; I get no sleep. I keep thinking I'm in too deep," perfectly encapsulate the mood of a harsh winter.

Rozz's biggest strength is his ability to capture an atmosphere. True to his word, “Falling Down” is an enjoyable listen, “When I’m about to start on a new song I decide what kind of feeling I want to channel through the song. It’s like a mix of different ingredients like a melody, the vocals, a kick drum."

Sticking to his formula the uplifting beat contrasts the dark wordplay well. The vocals tell a story of an inevitable fall. The narrator is at peace with a broken reality. Rozz’s production furthers the narrative as the beats provides temporary relief from her collapse. Overall the song is focused, cohesive, and above all has replay value. It deserves a spot on your party playlist.

"Falling Down" proceed the release of Rozz's most popular song, "Heading For Something" FT. Jidborn. With his recent influx of success, the young artist is primed to break out in 2019.

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Written by Gregory Gagliardi

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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