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"Fake Friends" - Jillian Jordyn | Review

Friendships have really been tested this past year. Not being able to see everyone all the time really showed people which relationships would stick around no matter what. As Jillian Jordyn says "I don't need no fake friends".

Actress and pop singer, Jillian Jordyn, has released her music video for her first original single, “Fake Friends.”

“Growing up, I was always taught that friends are supposed to build each other up and support one another, but life quickly taught me that’s not always true. “Fake Friends” is about discovering truths and how my eyes become wide open to the reality of some “friendships.” This song is me wanting to share my hopes of empowerment, the importance of kindness and inclusion. We need more ambassadors in this world to be examples of what a true friend should be. Through this song, I hope to convey a message to everyone that we need to support and love each whenever we can.” - Jillian Jordyn

This track feels universal and accessible to just about anyone. From being in school and learning your "group" isn't always forever, to moving and having to rebuild community as an adult, to just the growing pains of moving on. Jillian makes a catchy pop track that captures the true meaning of what it means to be a friend of quality.

Jillian Jordyn (formally promoted under Jillian Rose) is an actress and a rising singer-songwriter. Jillian has been singing for as long as she could speak and could only ever see herself being a performer. Jillian booked her first professional gig in 2017, singing at Madison Square Garden for a half-time show. She has also performed the national anthem at Citi Field for the New York Mets and Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets. 2019 was a big year for Jillian Jordyn. She went on the Boys of Summer Tour, performed at Winter Lights Orlando, and she appeared as Attica Staines on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Jillian is now focused on her music, she will be releasing many tracks and music videos for her listeners to enjoy throughout 2021 and beyond.

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