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"Everywhere Is Home" - Tommy Ashby I Review

Reverberating harmonies ripple into a rhythmic beat that carry Tommy Asby’s airy, buoyant voice in his new single, “Everywhere is Home.”

Imagine if Bon Iver went pop or a male equivalent of Maggie Rogers – you’d find yourself in the indie-pop, ethereal realm of Ashby’s music.

Each note seems to echo in a special chamber of sound, surrounding the listener in the cocoon-like feeling of this song. It makes sense that this song is meant to make you feel both lost and found; “Everywhere Is Home” contemplates the definition of “home” and what makes a place feel like “home.” He portrays these spaces as ambiguous and unexpected, yet, through his sound, conveys that there is a joy in finding home, even if it means you feel confused or lost in the process. Ashby wanted the listener their own definition of home, saying, “I wrote this song after I’d just come back from touring in America where we had spent many a day driving long into the night and staying in lonely motels. I had been feeling homesick and started thinking about when you are with the right person then you don’t feel like that, anywhere you end up can be home, everything else is just stuff; we get obsessed with but isn’t really important.” Just as Ashby can make the listener feel at home through his music, other people can create that sense of comfort in all sorts of ways. But for those who are feeling destabilized or unsettled in this moment, let “Everywhere Is Home” serve as a reminder that there is a place for you somewhere, you just have yet to find it.

Ashby has an unusual PhD that allows him to make unforgettable, unique music: a PhD in Psychoacoutsics, which takes a look at how the brain processes sound. His knowledge as well as experience throughout his life writing his own material has allowed him to craft his own sound. He’s received support from Spindle, Celebmix, and Louder Than War, and has had his music appear in Grey’s Anatomy and Love Island. He also has a small cameo in Will Ferrell’s movie “Eurovision.” He had his own headlining tour in the UK last year, and has toured with Luke Sital-Singh, Jamie Lawson, and Allman Brown as well as others. He recently released his new EP, “Everywhere Is Home,” and he will be performing it in full on Instagram Live on July 23 with other performances yet to be announced.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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