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"Everything" - Alex Rv Phillips | Review

“Everything” is a sonic representation of the process of healing.

The track brought me to tears within mere seconds - the soft acoustic guitar and hazy vocals immediately reminded me of artists such as Novo Amor and Hollow Coves, and thus, of much simpler times. With an almost defeated tone, Phillips sings, “Oh, everything / it is you”. He sees this person in everything, and try as he might, he can’t move on. He navigates this journey as the song continues, and by the time we reach the chorus, he delivers an unexpected wall of sound, representing him finding the strength he needs to finally move on. Not only do the lyrics of the track take us through the literal process of healing, but Phillips found a way to illustrate it with the music as well, making it even more powerful.

Singer-songwriter Alex Rv Phillips was born and raised in North London, eventually touring the world and making several notable stops, such as The Boarderline, The Roundhouse, and The Royal Albert Hall. Phillips describes his vocals as having “the softness of Damien rice combined with the raw power of Joe Cocker”. He will be releasing his debut EP in September as well as a few singles on the way - be sure to keep an eye out!

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