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"Everybody Knows" - Valley Sixteen |Review

When I was introduced to Valley Sixteen’s music a couple of months ago, I had reviewed her latest track “Sad Eyes” and loved it. It turns out I used the word “love” too soon, because now I need a word that is somehow larger than love to describe her latest effort “Everybody Knows.”

One of my favorite things about young artists is to follow their growth, watch them play with their sound, see them take different risks in production, to keep moving forward and not box themselves in to a specific sound that stays stagnant. My bedroom pop queen has done exactly that with this track. Her voice is still silky smooth, her lyrics are catchy but relatable, but this somehow feels mature, polished, and completely thought through in a way that excites me for what's next.

“I wrote, produced and recorded this track on the floor of an air bnb when I moved from Munich to Frankfurt in late January. When I moved overseas, I thought my life was magically going to change-I seriously learned “Wherever you go-there you are.” I could change my name but my old self would tag along. That's why I wrote this track. One of my longest and closest relationships was completely falling apart and I seriously realized I could be difficult to love. What I know now is that that's totally fine. I needed to mess my life up a little bit to realise that things weren't going to magically change!”

Considering her last release “Sad Eyes” was also written and recorded on a floor in a friends apartment, the floor is the new club and artists should be flocking there to make music.

Written by Sydne Broady

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