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"Even If I Could" - Genuine Leather | Review

Genuine Leather’s latest single, “Even If I Could”, is a fun synthwave forward track that provides a rewarding listening experience with its flares of nostalgic-feeling retro sounds, suspense-building chorus, and exhilarating guitar outro.

The song opens with a satisfying percussion groove panning from side to side, reflecting the song’s overall themes of indecisiveness, change, and longing. The artful lyrics further reinforce the conflicted emotional feelings through descriptive vignettes, like “Annie spots a good thing as we push the shark back into the water”. Overall, this cinematic song does a really great job of connecting emotionally with the listener and taking them along for the journey.

Genuine Leather, an East Austin-based band, is composed of Chris Galis and 5 of his best and most talented friends. Galis is inspired by musical artists like Mac Demarco, Nick Lowe, and Spoon. So far, Genuine Leather has released 2 EP’s and 3 LP’s, and they plan to release their next EP Genuine Pleasure later this fall.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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