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“EVEN” - Elijah Kusel | Review

Just in time for the dog days of summer, “EVEN” by Elijah Kusel is ready to get the party started. Lyrically expressing themes of equality and togetherness, its upbeat, chill nature makes it a hit with any and every crowd, for any summertime vibe.

There’s a certain haziness to this song that just feels like the hottest day of the summer. It’s the sun between the swaying palm trees and the smell of chlorine filling the air. All the telltale signs of summer are somewhere between these catchy hooks and bright synths.

Sonically, there’s a lot happening in this song. The main vocal melody glides on top of a bouncing bass line and gummy, chewy guitar riff. Influence wise, it sits on the wide spectrum between acts like Goth Babe and Still Woozy. By blending these influences together and adding his own spin to the genre, Kusel creates a unique soundscape that feels like an eternal summer. “EVEN” is incredibly melodic and sonorous up until the outro when all its musical elements and themes combine into one, creating a moment of carefully crafted and lively mayhem. It’s a moment where all musical tension is released, and it almost becomes self aware for a moment- it mimics its own euphoric nature and almost slows down time like a movie slowing a dance scene to highlight everyone truly living in the moment.

Elijah Kusel started releasing music last year with his debut single “Always (Love Blind)”. With only four songs in his discography, he’s making his mark in this indie rock world as a laid back, good vibes only artist. There’s truly no telling what he’ll do next, but we look forward to whatever it is.

Written by Jess Ward

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