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“eternal sunshine” your favorite plant Review

Calling lovers of all types- we have a song for you! Your newest rom-com soundtrack “eternal sunshine,” by artist, your favorite plant, is here. your favorite plant wrote the tune to pay tribute to the film by the same name as the track and says it’s about “the feeling of going through a breakup and wishing life wasn’t so serious.”

Rachel Swanson, better known as “your favorite plant,” is a 24-year-old hailing from a small town in Indiana, but now residing in Nashville, TN; spends her days making music based on concepts like anxiety, lonliness, and nostalgia. Swanson, is a self-proclaimed lover of “ramen noodles, thrift stores, q tips, and poetry,” and strongly dislikes “carpet floors, doctors appointments, and fennel.”

I love this song so much because I feel like it perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to want someone back. Every line of this song makes me think of a rom-com and how perfect it would be in it. I think lyrically and sonically this song makes absolute sense, your favorite plant did an amazing job on “eternal sunshine.”

More about your favorite plant:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this little bio. I really think you are neat for doing that! I am originally from a small town in Indiana where no one really knew anything about the music industry. I moved to Nashville to major in Songwriting at Belmont University (I also double majored in International Politics because who says you can't do it all!). Here are some of my favorite things: ramen noodles, thrift stores, camembert cheese, really big green fields, scary movies, q tips, oat milk lattes, and poetry. Here are some of my least favorite things: traffic jams, carpet floors, doctors appointments, fennel, and hot weather.

I have experienced a lot of mental health struggles and I truly believe in dismantling the shame that surrounds our lives and taking our secrets out of the shadows to find community with others who have the same hopes, dreams, and fears. I hope to connect with understanding people through my music, and I hope to share messages that help people feel seen and less alone in life.

I am an independent artist, and I love designing the graphics and imagery for my releases, I make the cover art and website graphics myself. All lyrics and melody to any song are written by me, mostly because I use my songs like diary entries and I'm usually writing to process something alone in my bedroom which is quite a solitary thing. girlies who are spending 80% of their lives alone in their bedrooms unite!

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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