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EP Review: Music for Photo Booths

On February 23, SHEARE released his EP “Music for Photo Booths,” his second collection of songs. In “Music for Photo Booths,” SHEARE sticks to his mix of raw instruments and electronic production to create his blissfully pop-sounding style. While most of the songs we’ve already received as singles, it’s satisfying to see all of his songs wrapped up in a bundle, which helps the listener to create a story in their head. His 1975-meets-Taylor-Swift sound, as he describes it, makes for a light, yet bittersweet listening experience as he sings about lovers come and gone.

One of the two new songs, “Bedroom,” has a jumpy beat and smooth lyrics to round out this sweet, whole energetic song. It also holds a hint of tropical, beachy vibes, perfect for when the weather starts to heat up. The second of the new tracks, “The Middle,” slows down this overall lively EP with a story of a break up, but counteracts the sadness with a cheerful beat.

Out of all the songs on “Music for Photo Booths,” my favorites are “You + I,” “Magazine,” and “Bedroom.” SHEARE delivers a perfect balance of joyful pop and melancholy electronic vibes to create an EP worth prioritizing in your listening queue.

listen here:

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