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We have reached the end of the year and with that the end of the decade. So much has happened in this last decade for music and we are so happy to have been a part of it.

We wanted to take the time to just recall everything that has happened for us this past year and give a big thank you to all of our readers, listeners, artists, managers, and everyone else who makes Unheard Gems possible for us.

This past year Unheard Gems has:

  • Hosted our first ever concert, Unheard Gems Live with the amazing Mathew V, Saint Claire, Ian & Alekos, Elizabeth Newt, and their incredible bands.

  • We published our 40th audio/video interview (not to mention our third with Lostboycrow, and second with SHEARE).

  • We published over 200 articles this year alone.

  • We received more than 2000 submissions to our site. That is a lot of amazing music!

We have so many exciting things planned for 2020 and we are so grateful that we get to share that with you!

To celebrate the end of the year here is a playlist of our favorite songs released by Unheard Gems in 2019:

Written by Hannah Schneider

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David Schneider
David Schneider
Jan 01, 2020

Looking forward to more great music and interviews in 2020 and beyond!

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