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“Empty the Bags'' - Noak Hellsing | Review

My first listen of "Empty the Bags" by Noak Hellsing reminded me of the ominous and addictive beat of up-and-coming British indie-pop artist Alfie Jukes's recent single, "Not Quite Gone".

The groovy rhythms paired with echoed harmonies from both songs create an immersive energy that captivates listeners from start to finish. Hellsing presents an impressive vocal range in "Empty the Bags," moving effortlessly between deep and high tones to elevate the emotional intensity of the lyrics, especially in the chorus. The verses also play off each other, highlighting the tension between the depth of connecting with someone and the risks involved while recognizing the role chemistry plays in continuing the desire to spend time with that person.

Hellsing's words and the song's title create an open space of vulnerability and relatability, guiding us through a raw emotional journey. We've all experienced keeping our "eyes shut" when pursuing love or connection and the sacrifices that come with committing to it. The chorus had me striking model-like poses and mimicking the lyrics' instructions while passionately lip-syncing to the background line, "the things I would do for youuuuuu."

I was so engaged during the entire song that it prompted me to dive deeper into Hellsing's music. I listened to his most recent EP, YESTERYEAR, and was thoroughly captivated by its infectious pop sound. Each track, reminiscent of artists like Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23, Ruel, and Valley, contains heartfelt lyrics and attractive melodies, all delivered with a unique blend of vulnerable instrumentals and confident declarations.

Noak Hellsing, from Stockholm, Sweden, is emerging as an artist exploring pop, indie, alternative, and rock sounds. With an impressive accumulation of over 28 million streams across music platforms, he has been recognized by notable Swedish entertainment figures. He even has a feature on "Bitter," a song by rising pop singer Dylan Conrique. As an artist not confined to one genre, Hellsing's diverse discography signifies his talent and potential. Look out for the release of his second EP, SHIFT, in 2024!

Written by Izzy Hory

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