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“Elephant Shows” - Ida Hansson | Review

“Elephant Shows” by Ida Hansson is an electro pop song with an RnB twist.

Ida Hansson uses synths to construct a vintage atmosphere. Her tone is soulful and edgy as she sings “I’m so tired of my past” to chime-like synths that parallel her melody in a satisfying way. She builds her lyrical rhythm during the chorus to match the complex and catchy beat. I couldn’t help but dance to this song.

Ida Hansson is a Danish/Swedish singer, songwriter, and pop artist. She grew up listening to classic Motown and RnB music, but now she often utilizes electropop - breaking the boundaries of the genre and adding just enough edge to it’s sunny melodies to stand out from the crowd. After a battle with depression and anorexia, a desire to overcome her demons and seize the day is strong through Ida’s work. Her music shows us how to take that which is bitter and make it sweet as she uses her experiences to give her courage and a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to defining her own sound. She is raw, honest and authentic.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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