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Eighty Ninety- “Ruins”

As I listen to this with a broken heart I can relate deeply to Ruins. A captivating young love story that you know will end in pain and in “ruins,” but you still go for it just to try, maybe in the hopes of something else. Yet there’s a point in which you know enough is enough, “So why am I still by the phone? Just so we can take it too far, And lose it.” This song hits your heart in every direction. With the indie music it feels warm, yet the lyrics are cold, which gives you a confusing sense of sadness. The singer has a very mellow voice that makes it all the more vulnerable in addition to the drums and guitar. Ruins is one for the lonely winter nights to keep you warm.

Indie duo Eighty Ninety are Brooklyn-based brothers, Abner on vocals, and Harper on guitar. The focus on their music is deep storytelling, and creative melodies through production. Their debut EP, “Elizabeth” came out in 2016, and since then they’ve been releasing singles and hits. They have amassed over 33 million streams across the board and have been praised by critics. As fans anticipated, the bands LP, “Eighty Ninety” is out now.

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