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“Egg Mcmuffin” - SEB | Review

The new lo-fi, hip hop song “Egg Mcmuffin” by SEB describes someone who learns to appreciate and focus on the little things that they can control. To say the least - I am lovin’ it.

The production on this song has some serious layers. Synths and echoes add to the nostalgic atmosphere and mellow beat. SEB’s vocals are smooth and impressive as he hits high notes and conveys powerful emotions of sadness, confusion, and regret with his tone. The deep lyrics detail struggles of loss and coming to terms with an ever changing world.

SEB explained, "I hate thinking about time, especially when it comes to how much things can change over time. Now getting older and understanding it a little more, I hate thinking about the bigger picture. These days I'm looking forward to the little stable things that I can have control over like getting an Egg McMuffin. No Matter where life takes me, what bs I have to go through, I can look forward to an Egg McMuffin as a way to ground myself and to take things slowly."

Falling somewhere between pop, electronic, indie, and lofi, SEB’s music finds clarity in this web of genres and creates a new direction for listeners to explore. From Tyler the Creator to GRIMES to The Cure to Toro Y Moi, SEB aligns closely with artists that push boundaries and recognizes the paths that they have paved for him to create music of his own

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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