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"Easy Now Tiger" - Hazlett


Long distance love is tough, 20,000km’s of tough to be precise, and Hazlett’s not afraid to get a little sentimental about it on the latest single taken from his upcoming EP ‘Thundering Hopes’.

EASY NOW TIGER is the very first heartbreaking taste of what life is like when Hazlett puts down his guitar and isn’t afraid to show some of his more unassuming musical influences.

Built around a Fender Rhodes yet still resonating with his usual brand of ballroom indie and nostalgic sing-a-longs, Hazlett and producer Freddy Alexander explore a dreamy sonic soundscape unlike anything released thus far from the upcoming EP.

Bluntly inspired by wanting to let someone know you still fancy them and the rollercoaster ride of trying to keep things together. EASY NOW TIGER is the left of centre serenade that Hazlett stumbled upon.

Speaking on the story behind EASY NOW TIGER Hazlett shares:

“This is my ode to long distance romance. It’s me trying to reassure someone about all the moments that they crossed your mind but that maybe you didn’t articulate at the time. How nervously excited you get on a flight to see them. How many little things remind you of them in a day, and ultimately how it only works if they know it and feel the same.”

Hazlett's recent singles MONSTERS and SUNCATS received strong support from Spotify and Apple Music, key press including coverage from Mahogany, and radio airplay on Australia's top network Triple J . There's a lot of steam behind the music this year and beyond.

Hazlett is the artist from Brisbane, Australia. A self-proclaimed over-thinker and his own therapist, whose music manages to find beauty in the banalities of modern life.

After ghostwriting and playing in various rhythm sections for most of his formative years, the shy guy from down under found a creative home in the farthest of places, Sweden. Hazlett now resides in Stockholm where his solo project was founded with the help of producer Freddy Alexander.

Writing with his gut and heart like a singer-songwriter of old and combining it with the modern sonic landscape that dances in his head, things are blossoming in his new found home in the north.

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