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"E the REAL YOU" - SCORS | Review

Take everything you love about bedroom lofi acts like Yellow Days and Still Woozy, and add an unprecedented knack for finding tender, nostalgic melodies. The result is “E the Real You” by surrealist British band SCORS.

The spacey, lofty, and dreamy guitar evokes an element of softness that’s only emphasized by its warm, syrupy tone. The song picks up in the chorus with the introduction of the drum, changing the tune from a bedroom pop track to something more congruent with indie rock. Frontman Jake Passmore’s vocals have a sexy rasp to them, but still maintain the song’s romantic, ardent expression. Sonically, the song explores all the elements currently found in underground indie bands across the globe, but their approach is entirely different. Their sheer romanticism and storytelling qualities set them apart from the rest of the indie scene; guiding the listener through their own world and introducing them to new ideas both sonically and lyrically.

Upon listening, you’ll find yourself lost in a pastel colored daydream, looking through the lens of an old film camera that’s ever so slightly out of focus. The song lets you float, so to speak. It carries you as you drift through a dusty pink sky, where the air is a little crisp. The motion of the song is gentle and serene, but the melodies are intricate and complex. That juxtaposition paints a whirlpool of emotion, spinning and spinning with no end in sight, but it runs deep. But still, you stay on that light, airy cloud and enjoy the view from above.

Coming from South East London, four-piece ensemble SCORS is a melting pot of sound. The new band is just stepping into the scene for the first time, fully equipped to write, play, and produce their own music. Combining elements of soul, bedroom pop, lofi, and indie rock, SCORS is finding their niche within the music world and making a memorable statement along the way.

Written by Jess Ward, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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