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Drama Queen - Sophia DeLeo | Review

“Drama Queen” by Sophia DeLeo is such a heartbreaking and honest song. Starting the song so bare you already know it is going to hit you in the feels.

Sophia wrote this song about self-forgiveness, as a child she was really hard on herself and people called her a ‘drama queen’ for having big emotions and expressing them. I feel like most people in this generation really relate to this, especially if they weren’t the “popular” or “cool” kids in school. I know I was crazy hard on myself as a child and had to and still have to train myself not to do that.

“Drama Queen” is the title track off of Sophia’s next EP, which she is currently recording and hopes to release in 2023. The entire EP is centered about the time of self-forgiveness, and all the experiences she had in her hometown. “If anyone takes anything away from my new music, I hope that it’s compassion, healing and forgiveness”.

I like how kind and gentle this song is. It is the way Sophia would talk to herself now if she could go back “you’re not a drama queen you’re just seventeen”. I’m excited to see what’s next for her and to hear the rest of the EP!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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