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"Down" - Sarvady |Review

On August 15, 2023, Sarvady released her latest single “Down”, a song which she says conveys what it feels like when locking eyes with someone at a party.

The track starts with a dreamy guitar that sets the mood, then a smooth bass comes in along with the singer’s vocals. Upon first listen, the single has a mellow and laid back vibe. Being given more context on the backstory for the song helps provide a different perspective, making the feeling of locking eyes with someone very intimate and sensual. The song never has a big climax, however Sarvady is able to keep your attention with her storytelling. With lyrics like ‘Maybe all we've got's a couple stolen glances, But have you noticed life's hard on second chances, No denying forces coming through, All it takes is you to see it too’ the listener can visualize the setting and moment where two souls connect even if they never physically touch. “Down” is a single that is somehow like a warm and comforting hug and I recommend it to listeners who are also fans of artists such as Faye Webster and Mitski.

The artist known as Sarvady, currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. “Down” is only her second single to be released and also the second track dropped this year, with “Something New” being the first in February. Sarvady is an artist who already seems seasoned right out of the gate and I am intrigued to see what else she brings to the table.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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