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"Down Bad" - Rory Powers |Review

Some phrases enter the cultural lexicon and feel like they’ll never really go away. For some, parents are still convinced that “Bitchin” will make a comeback; Ice Spice has recently popularized “Munch,” and “Gaslight” was the word of the year for 2022. What they all have in common is that we almost immediately know what they mean without much, if any, explanation. The term “Down Bad” is no different, and in Rory Powers’ new single of the same name, no definition of the term is necessary.

Powers’ new single is a follow-up to his debut release, “Stories,” a pulsating ballad that’s a cross between a song longing for love and a dance party in an EDM tent at a music festival.

“Down Bad” is Powers’ lamenting the ups and downs of longing for someone who might now feel the same way. The ups and downs and emotional rollercoaster that might put you on. Whether it’s missing some shots at love or engaging in arguments with their friends, it’s easy to get so caught up in our affection for another person that “instead of time, I gave you hell,” power’s sings in his new ep.

The song itself is led by the auto-tuned vocals of Powers backed by hip-hop-styled drums and synths, once again entering into a combination of a lovestruck dance song.

Powers’ has been working on a few different projects in addition to his music. Hosting a podcast with over 120,000 weekly listeners on Spotify, doing a podcast tour, and working and producing new music.

His last release, “stories,” gained attention from BBC’s “Introducing” and Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch.” With the release of the new single, Powers’ is set to make another splash in the music scenes.

Written By Eli Chavez

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