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“Down” - 7even Daze | Review

“Down” by 7even Daze is an empowering indie RnB song. This anthem allows you to feel the pain of being in a toxic relationship, but more so to have pride in the person you gave yourself the opportunity to be by breaking free.

I’ve got one word to describe this song - range. 7even Daze showcases her incredible vocal control and range throughout the song. The delicate piano notes add to the emotional lyrics about betrayal and consistently being disappointed in a relationship. However, the artist puts a fresh twist on the song and focuses on the empowerment that results from breaking free from toxic relationships. 7even Daze said, “This song is personal to me. It’s really about overcoming heartbreak and gaining the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. I took multiple losses and sacrificed so much for someone who wasn’t willing to sacrifice for me. I lost myself in the process but gained so much in the end.”

7even Daze is a Los Angeles based R&B artist whose sultry vocals and sincere lyrics make her a musical powerhouse. She lists her inspirations as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and Beyoncé. The artist’s creative drive is nonstop as she is currently working with producers Jason Smith, Gil Smith, and Larry Cox on her upcoming album “Sanity.” I’m looking forward to seeing how her vocals and deep messages continue to work together to create art.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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