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"Don't Wanna Win" - The Two Romans | Review

“Don’t Wanna Win” by The Two Romans is the perfect song to jam along to as you’re driving on the highway with the windows down.

Its energetic and fun spirit makes it the perfect anthem as the weather starts to get warmer. The song immediately draws in and excites the listener with a catchy hook, “I don’t wanna win if I’m losing you”, and also quickly relays the theme of the song. The Two Romans sing about the complexities of arguments, and sometimes compromising and swallowing your pride is necessary. Simply put, not every argument needs to be won, especially if the cost of winning the argument is a relationship with a loved one. Despite the somewhat contemplative topic, the song is a bright upbeat track lined with humor and self-irony.

The Two Romans is an international band from Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. They take inspiration from groups like Gang of Youths and Nothing but Thieves, but enjoy putting their own twist on modern rock. They strive to create something a little bit different and form their own unique sound through modern guitar and catchy melodies. The Two Romans was formed in 2015 and released their debut album Everything Now! in April 2020.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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