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"Don't Wanna" -Modernlove. |Review

In my humble opinion Modernlove. creates a more infectious indie-pop bop than the 1975 ever good.

"Don't Wanna" is a track about desire and pining for someone when you really don't want to mess things up but you can't help but want to be with them. There is this flirtatious nature to all of the tracks I have heard from Modernlove. It's these groovy indie tracks with descriptive lyrics, they give you the full mental experience of the story every time. This is a perfect add-on to a movie soundtrack where the main characters can't help but break that tension and let their feelings get overly involved.

"It touches on the difficulty of navigating friendships and relationships as a young person when such passionate feelings and sex are involved. We wanted to capture that excitement in the sonics as well, it's definitely one of our poppiest tunes but still got that rocky edge to it."

Channelling a glossier and more lovelorn direction this time around, ‘Don’t Wanna’ sees the band focus on the more romantically-charged side to their sound. With its bright and soaring aesthetic, matched effortlessly with some wonderfully engaging songwriting, the group are spreading their creative wings to unveil one of their most heartfelt releases to date.

Like their name suggests, modernlove. explore the complexities of the modern lives of twenty-somethings. Even though their lives are still complicated, Barry, Cian, Danny and Graham of Drogheda have already nailed their sound; they deliver polished, indie-pop with a glossy '90s sheen and intricate details.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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