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“Don’t Sleep With My Ex” - Cy | Review

“Don’t Sleep With My Ex” works as a spite-filled song of vengeance towards those who have wronged.

The mix of RnB melodies with a skewed guitar sound illustrates the messiness involved between a girl, her ex, and her best friend. The crashing of these genres emphasizes the tonal dissonance one feels after a betrayal.

This song oozes with frustration, that poisonous feeling of rage after finding out not one, but two people have deceived and abused a person’s trust. How does one who is struggling to move on cope when such an unpleasant development is forced upon them? They respond back with elevated contempt and unabashed resentment. The music in this piece really provides this function, while also ending with a smashing finale that has a climactic push towards the end.

Cy is a Swedish songwriter who wrote “Don’t Sleep With My Ex” to vent about a messy breakup. ““I was a ticking bomb when I came to the studio that day and all of my anger and confusion just exploded into this song. It’s not about me hating on someone’s relationship, but rather about feeling betrayed by a close friend”, Cy says. “Don’t Sleep With My Ex” is a strong piece, one with spite-filled poison and a frustration-seeking release.

Review by Hannah Silverman

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