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"Don’t Know The Words" - Van Scott | Review

The beginning of the song reminded me of an Oceans movie. If you’re not familiar with these movies just think casio/museum and heist. Also, if you haven’t seen them then you truly are missing out… back to the song.

Ah yes. This song did remind me of the heist thriller movies but then quickly gravitated to a very upbeat and poppy song with, while I might add, freakishly good vocals. Van Scott has some really good pipes. His voice definitely carried the song, but the small undertones of 808 drums, a piano, and a slight bass really makes the song come together. But I’m telling you, his voice is fantastic.

Overall I enjoyed this song a lot. I was getting a Maroon 5/ Adam Levine vibe from the chorus, very good and very catchy.

Scott Oatley aka Van Scott has performed on some of the industry’s most popular projects like the High School Musical 3 soundtrack or La La Land, Mulan, Jurassic World, and Sing. Not bad! He considers his music alt-pop and is both a singer and song-writer.

If Scott sang on some of the most popular music movies, imagine where his solo singing career will take him! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Written By Quincy Williamson

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