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'Don't' ignore any new music from rising star Saint Claire

Hidden within the effervescent beat and warm vocals of Saint Claire’s “Don’t” is an anthem for the modern millennial experience. While you want to sing along with John during the chorus just because you can, the words also resonate with the burden that FOMO and modern social culture have forced upon us. The conventions of contemporary life tell us that to be socially successful we must seek out as much interaction as possible and be agreeable and up for anything. In Don’t, we hear John lament the complications of living this way and the toll it takes on each of us as an individual.

The song is such a cool listen. The track has this anthemic vibe that carries the prechorus and a danceable chorus that doesn’t detract at all from the meaning and impact of the song. The stripped-back piano really sells this to me as a Saint Claire piece though, tieing in those roots John! As always, stellar vocals and lyrics.

John says that “the prechorus is my favorite part. It was a really fun one to make, especially because of the insane amount of layers”.

We love Saint Claire here on Unheard Gems, from our own concert, reviews, and interviews, you will always hear things about this rising star here.

Saint Claire is a songwriter, producer, and performer. Making music since the age of 8, Saint Claire was raised in Twisp, Washington. He taught himself to sing, play piano and violin - composing two symphonies for his hometown senior orchestra at just 14 years old.

Saint Claire has become a go-to collaborator and string arranger for some of Seattle's finest artists including, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ("Drug Dealer”), Raz Simone and Sam Lachow.

Saint Claire self-released “The District” EP in 2015, “Hold” (which appeared on Starbucks' Discovery Playlist in November 2016) and "Medication”.

Written by Hannah Fowler and Hannah Schneider

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