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“Don’t Go Hating Me Now” – Neon Dreams | Review

How many of you have a day one? As you age, you’ll find acquaintances are abundant, but firm friendships are few and far between. The people who stay on your speed dial through it all are those who know the real you even when you yourself do not. They’ve always been supportive and sympathetic. They help you maintain perspective and don’t let you take yourself too seriously. They never make you feel embarrassed to be where you are in life, and most importantly, they’re a fresh set of eyes unafraid to speak up when they see their friend being pulled in the wrong direction—even when it creates conflict to do so.

For their new, end-of-summer hit, Neon Dreams assumes the altruist perspective in the story of a relationship involving a friend who’s down and out. It illustrates the difficulties buddies can have when one resents the other for trying to intervene in a personal problem. Addictions appear in many forms and navigating the tensions that come with helping others through them can be painful. “Don’t Go Hating Me Now” is an anthem for sticking together through thick and thin. It speaks to the importance of good friendships.

Mid-September is the perfect time to release this new single. Listen to Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” or ELO’s “Do Ya” and you’ll be treated to the cheerful I-IV-V chord progression. Neon Dream’s particular variation on this progression will send you into a zone of pleasant reflection. The music encapsulates how it feels to look back on summer fun—experiencing the crisp refreshment that the onslaught of cooler weather brings. We feel this similarly in the variation Bastille uses in their “Pompeii” post-chorus. It’s incredibly catchy. Frank Kadillac’s crisp vocals sit comfortably on Adrian Morris’ punchy drum groove, a clean guitar performance, and a memorable horn part. The chemistry of the band is clear on their new track, and it’s a precursor for more great tunes to come.

Neon Dreams is Kadillac and Morris of Halifax, Nova Scotia. “Don’t Go Hating Me Now” comes from their optimistically titled upcoming LP, The Happiness of Tomorrow. Their underlying motivation comes from positive fan reactions and encounters. They’re all about making music people can relate to. They know the cathartic power music has and write with it in mind. This attitude has shaped them into an alt-pop powerhouse with serious radio-appeal. The simple fact that they’re a duo makes their new song even more authentic. The camaraderie radiated by musical duos is a matter of envy. We know they share a secret bond. Creative partners partake in a process that brings them even closer. Since their conception in 2015, the two have found increasing success. Now they’re back, hot off their 2019 release, Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams, with a catchy new entry to their catalog.

Life-long friends are a rarity, and once you lose them, you’ll never have the time to make them again. Cherish them. If you have one, it’s a big deal—don’t take it for granted. Know that many people haven’t been able to preserve the type of bond that you and your closest ally enjoy. That amount of history can’t be written overnight, so if you’re ever feeling annoyed that someone’s trying to help you out, remember to be thankful that you even have that luxury.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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