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“Don’t Forget About Me” - Cuja | Review

“Don’t Forget About Me” is a bop. This is the kind of song that is perfect for singing in the shower, the car, or in those dance parties that we all have in our rooms.

Supported by incredible vocals, this song is so relatable and fun to listen to. This is definitely the vibe going into summer when thinking about all the unrequited crushes from the school year. Cuja really shows her personality through this song and she is definately making a big entrance into the music world with this debut album. Soon enough she’s going to have fans all over the world so keep an eye out for what she has in store.

Kicking off her artist career with her debut single ‘Backseat,’ singer/songwriter, Cuja, follows up with her second single ‘New Friends.’ The LA-based artist showed a passion for creating at an early age which she paired with her love of singing. Songwriting quickly became her preferred method of expression, leading her to pick up new writing tools such as guitar, piano, ukulele and elements of production. At 18, Cuja, moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre, but quickly found she longed for more creative freedom and power. Inspired by girl-power artists like Hayley Kiyoko, Dua Lipa, and Nicki Manaj. Cuja took her songwriting roots to her computer, transforming her sound into a shimmery, electronic-pop vibe that serves as her canvas for heartbreak, jealousy, and pleasure.

Review by Ella de Castro

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