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“Don’t Fight It”- Jess Chalker | Review

Jess Chalker is an Australian-born, Grammy-credited songwriter, artist and musician living in London, UK. She has received global praise for her writing, production and vocals.Artists and producers Jess has worked with include: Sam Fischer, Tate McRae, Isamachine, Lisa Loeb, Gold Kimono, Passenger, Andrew Farriss (INXS), Clem Burke (Blondie), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Hotei, Guy Sebastian, John Alagia, Vintage Culture and many more. Following the release of teaser single, Don’t Fight It, Jess has also announced her debut LP as a solo artist, Hemispheres — due 5 November 2021. (From Jess Chalker’s Website)

With this single, Jess Chalker solidifies a strong synth sound with Katy Perry esc sparkle. Her shining asset is her soothing low-humming voice. It’s this recent rise in admiration for the alto voices we so long didn’t hear. Going off of the backbone of the top of the pop charts with Dua Lipa to Indie starlets like Lucy Daucus. With “Don’t Fight It”, Chalker lures the listeners in with a calm cadence in her talented vocals then showing off her range in the pre-chorus by picking things up.

Her words are simple and contrasting statements that come with the apprehension behind any of life’s bigger or even all of the small decisions of day to day. Her message is that while there may be internal conflictions, everyone knows what their heart truly desires and the lyrics answer your questions. “Don’t Fight It”. It starts as a slow burner and slides to a synth-pop jam. It’s no news to the listener that this is what Jess Chalker does and does well. With her album debut it’s a sure thing that her time in the spotlight is now and will be long-lasting.

By Amanda Collins

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