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'Don't Fall For Me' - Luk | Review

Luk is a Swiss-based DJ & producer specializing in electro and house music. His newest song "Don't Fall For Me" marks the second collaboration between him and Los Angeles singer BAER.

Even though this is technically Luk’s track, he plays second fiddle. His production style of guitar and EDM allow BAER the needed room to flex her vocal range.

Two Unheard Gems Opinions:

One: Luke and BAER have solid chemistry and releasing a summery song in the winter could be beneficial for those listeners looking to rekindle the magic of a past season. The only thing holding them back is Luk’s somewhat mainstream production. The beat is not bad but could have been stronger. If he wants to break through the EDM cloud and make himself known, I suggest he expand his production style. Tapping into a layered sound could result in a broader audience.

Two: While following the classic EDM club mold Luk still creates a catchy fun summer song...even though it is a January release (it’s our little ray of sunshine). This is a producer with potential. I agree that there is room to become a stand out producer, Luk shows promise and a clear knack for the EDM genre. BAER and Luk make a pretty amazing duo when it comes to making dance music. Interested in seeing where he goes next

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Written by Gregory Gagliardi

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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