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Doesn’t Matter- Caroline Romano |Review

Caroline Romano’s ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is a true girlhood anthem, exploring both the beauty and chaos that surrounds young love—and she would tell you the same thing!

When asked about the piece, she depicts the story of “a relationship that felt like a double-edged sword” and the feeling of “falling, all too carelessly, for someone on a rainy evening with the car radio playing.”

Through highlighting the contrasting highs and lows of this relationship—“Turn me on like the radio, I don't want to know who you're talking to when you're on the telephone—” Caroline flawlessly showcases her strength in storytelling as a lyricist. Beyond her lyrics, this track is paired with a relaxed beat that really flows, creating a space where the listener feels as though they are being strung along this familiar narrative right by her side.

Based in Nashville at 22 years old, Caroline Romano has embraced young adulthood for all that it is. Beyond ‘Doesn’t Matter,’ her previous works mirror the talent showcased in this single. In 2022, Caroline shared her debut album ‘Oddities and Prodegies,’ which received immense amounts of positive feedback. She has since grown into an intentionally alternative-leaning sound, which is displayed on her 2023 EP, ‘A Brief Epic.’ Her honest and authentic songwriting only grows in strength as she continues to release music, and she is undoubtedly on a rocket ship to success. Be sure to keep an eye on this talented young artist!

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