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"Do You Mind" - Josh Breezzyy x Cory Jones | Review

Love a song that you can turn on literally anywhere and have a good time listening to it?

"Do You Mind" features the irresistible Pop vocals of Cory Jones on the hook, with the energetic and fun Hip Hop vocals of Josh Breezzyy during the verse. Both artists get to shine here, without over staying their welcome. This song reminds me of a lot of the 2010's hits. A fun track, clever, something new for a love song.

Josh Brewster known professionally by his stage name "Josh Breezzyy" is a 23 year old Hip Hop Artist from Long Island, NY. He grew up with a single mom and saw his father briefly every few weeks.He has released 2 full length records in the last 4 years, reaching a lot of success. His first project "Gone But Not Forgotten" has amassed over 200 Thousand Spotify Streams with his lead single "Something About You" accounting for 135 Thousand of those. His follow up effort "MASK: Music and Soul Kit" was received well despite not having the huge numbers that Gone But Not Forgotten had previously attained, with each track averaging a couple thousand streams a piece. This didn't stop Josh as he has since been working on his 3rd album entitled "Tortured Artist" which released in April of 2018. While doing this, Josh has also started his own clothing line: "iLL Clothing" in which he has also seen success. Josh has been compared to rappers such as Eminem, Logic and Joell Ortiz, but seem's to be stemming further and further from his inspirations with each track and is quickly finding his own unique sound.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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