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"Do not disturb" by Ella Galvin | Review

Ella Galvin’s new single “Do Not Disturb” is an electro-pop track that envisions a nice way of turning someone down by actively avoiding them. People use the “do not disturb” setting on phones to block calls, messages, and notifications for a certain time.

Releasing in mid-April, “Do Not Disturb” invites people in Galvin’s thoughts on blocking a person’s advances. Galvin’s soft voice and assertive and cheeky lyrics flow together, inviting listeners to her inner thoughts. The voicemail monologue at the end was the cherry on top, reminding me of how people in the early 2000s made customized voicemail recording messages for answering machines.

Unlike previous releases, “Do Not Disturb” has more bedroom pop and lo-fi elements. The song production has a vibe similar to Pinkpantheress’ “Boys a Liar” because the instrumental and melodies are easy to listen to and sing along to. “Do Not Disturb” is a must-listen for electro, lo-fi, and bedroom pop music fans. It’s perfect for studying, relaxing, or leaving a voicemail in the background.

Ella Galvin is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Ella loves experimenting and innovating in her projects, proven by pop, soul, jazz, and rock influences in her songs. Before moving to New York City to start her solo career, she sang in two funk/rock Boston-based bands. She’s spent the last few years developing her sound and fine-tuning her live show with performances around New York City.

On her upcoming EP, Ella masterfully combines her genre-blending musical influences with diaristic storytelling that captures the charm, discomfort, and introspection of being a young, queer woman in today’s world. With growing buzz and plenty of music in the pipeline, Ella Galvin is an artist you will want to keep an eye out for in 2024.

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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