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“Do Myself Better” - Davy Boi | Review

“Do Myself Better” by Davy Boi is an indie, RnB self-love anthem.

The beginning is so intriguing that I had to take my earbuds out and make sure I was listening to the right thing. The powerful, Star Wars-esque intro transitions into a dreamy atmosphere. This song’s production is wonderfully complex. Davy Boi’s head voice is layered with chest voice and it is so pleasing to listen to. Commanding waves of bass highlight his smooth vocals. The bass is one of my favorite things about this song - you can’t help but move with it. His lyrics detail struggles with anxiety, not feeling adequate enough, and having to fake happiness. He reaches the wholesome realization that true happiness comes when you take better care of yourself. He wraps it all up with a groovy guitar solo. This song has a truly creative and new sound that I haven’t heard before.

Davy explains, “’Do Myself Better’ is a pledge to take self-care more seriously. It’s about looking at Imposter Syndrome in the face and confronting daily anxiety in a tongue & cheek manner. I know other people are experiencing feelings of not being the best versions of themselves, so I wanted to give a voice to that and say, ‘Hey, you’re not alone. Same here.’”

Davy Boi is an LA-based alternative R&B artist known for his smooth vocals and tailored pop top-lines. He is also celebrated for openly exploring his sexual identity as an out & albino Black man navigating romantic relationships in the world of murky app culture. Davy Boi’s previous songs are compiled onto the 2019 EP errything so far… which has generated over 1.75 million streams. It includes the debut single “Dirty Mind” featuring Queens rapper Dai Burger. “Do Myself Better” is accompanied by Davy Boi’s new podcast series of the same name - Do Myself Better. On it, he sits down with predominately Queer talents to discuss self-care particularly during the current global pandemic.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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