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“Disappear” - Khuê | Review

"Disappear" captures the feeling of a midnight drive reminiscing over an unattainably hopeless crush.

Californian musician Khuê releases his first single as a solo singer, songwriter, and producer, “Disappear.” A mix of dreamy synth-pop and retro 80’s influences, the song captures the pain of heartbreak and the fear of being forgotten. “Disappear” is Khuê’s most personal work yet, as he bares his feelings reminiscing of a failed hidden love.

As Khuê’s first solo single as a singer, “Disappear” is a major deviation from his previous works’ styles and themes. The instrumental carries much more retro influences, and it has a more dreamy, soothing sound. The lyrics also give the song a new level of vulnerability, capturing the fear of being left behind, discarded, forgotten – along with the resentment that comes from being someone’s secret. The song’s vocals are soft, hushed and soothing, complementing the soft bells and warm synths to give the song a dreamy, almost lullaby-like sound.

Coming from a plethora of influences from electronic dance music to indie pop, Khuê has produced music for over a decade in a wide selection of musical styles under the artist name TheKHUE. The new single “Disappear” marks an important turn in Khuê’s career, and he plans to continue releasing singles and an album over the next year, following this exciting new trajectory.

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