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“Dinosaur” - Rachel K Collier | Review

Welsh electronic artist and producer Rachel K Collier kicks off 2019 with attitude-infused epic Electro Pop jam Dinosaur.

This fun and creative song utilizes the use of unique synths and fun vocals to create a catchy and completely out of the box track. Dinosaur is a hook focus song that tries to get you up and dancing. Very much a small club feel to the song with some bass heavy ambiance. The vocals are super fresh and have a super interesting edge which is very much on brand for Collier. Inspired by an experience at a music conference in 2018, Dinosaur highlights a female producers frustration with the attitudes of a few soon-to-be-extinct old-school music producers.

"‘It was the first time in my career that I really felt these so-called misogynistic vibes- each time I spoke at this event the Old School Producer dudes would roll their eyes or stare at the floor, they were completely disinterested in anything I had to say- It didn’t hit me til much later but then I felt so angry I had to put it into words’ A collaboration with Swansea Video Producer Jamie Panton really brings the lyrics and narrative of the song to life." - Collier

“A one-woman electronic production machine and die-hard Ableton enthusiast, Collier is known for using a multi-instrument technical setup to enable her to perform her song-focused, high-energy studio productions in a live setting.

With her debut single “Record of the Week” on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Collier released her self-produced EP “Words You Never Heard” in October 2015 on UK underground electronic label Love & Other, followed up by a series of singles in 2016-18, each showing her talents as a stand-out electronic solo artist, writer and producer.

Collier’s debut self-produced Album is set for release in Spring 2019.”

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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