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Didn’t Occur To You - Estella Dawn | Review

On June 16th we were gifted Estella Dawn’s new single ‘Didn’t Occur To You’ , a pop anthem everyone can relate to. In the song Estella sings about how she feels after a breakup, how things probably never occurred to the other person.

I feel like the most frustrating thing after ending a relationship or friendship is realizing that they probably don’t even know how they made you feel after all that time. Everyone remembers things differently, unfortunately and we’re stuck wondering if anyone else remembers it the same way.

Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand. She writes catchy pop songs that make you think. Estella’s striking vocals in this song will stick with you for days. My favorite lyrics from the song are “I don’t know why I can’t sleep tonight / I’m always thinking more than I should / I bet it didn’t occur to you / that I still sit here wondering / Didn’t occur to you, that I still reach out for what might have been / every time I go to call yah / out the blue, never do / cause maybe you don’t remember it like I do.”

Estella Dawn, we cannot wait to see where you go next. ’Didn’t Occur To You’ will be stuck in my head and sent to many people this summer.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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