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"Did You Get the Feeling?" - Georgia Parker |Review

A softhearted reflection of unrequited sentiment, Did You Get the Feeling? is the newest folk-rock single from English based singer/songwriter Georgia Parker, and the first single release off her upcoming debut album. The acoustic heavy track produced by Philip Etherington describes the bittersweet emotions surrounding Parker’s own personal relationships, emphasizing how she was often left wondering if the love she felt for them was returned.

Poignantly stirring, Parker’s latest single honestly expresses the anxieties and excitements that come along with the vulnerability of being in a relationship– “I wrote this song about a crush where I was left wondering if they were feeling the same way that I was. I included lots of real specificities to the situation in the lyrics, such as the fact we were both moving, and how they were at the end of their current open relationship.”

Similar to the cozy indie-folk sound of Big Thief’s Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, Did You Get the Feeling? opens with the rhythmic plucking of both acoustic and bass guitars. The close harmonies of the guitars gracefully complement the delicate rhythms of Parker’s vocal phrasing. While the production involves mainly acoustic instrumentals, this track seems to follow the latest alternative trend of combining haunting electronic elements with soft indie rock components to create a more sentimental feel.

Parker’s sweet, but fragile vocals seem to carry a quivering tenderness that resounds with emotion when she performs. She has a beautiful control that enables her to add enriching vocal embellishments throughout the song. Her lyricism is truly her unique strength, as she easily and poetically articulates the complex feelings of unreciprocated love; for instance, the opening lyrics, ‘I’ve been thinking of you, but not in a weird way, you just tend to pop up when I’m having a clear day,’ exemplify how just when we think we have found closure with someone, random fleeting moments have a way of rubbing salt in the wound.

With her second EP Coated Blue surpassing 55,000 streams on Spotify, it’s clear that Georgia’s nostalgic melodies and intimately powerful vocal performances have resonated with a variety of audiences. In producing eerily relatable songs that incorporate a variety of specific life experiences, she takes listeners on an emotional journey through their own personal past. Her music allows for a cathartic release of someone who understands the feeling you’ve been feeling, and this is what it sounds like. Did You Get the Feeling? marks an exciting beginning for the singer– a compelling first look into the innermost depth of her sound.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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