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“Dialtone” - Memorial | Review

“Dialtone” is that crisp breath of fresh air you take on a winter morning.

Folk-pop duo Memorial is back with yet another enchanting release. The whole song just feels like that moment of pause when you are just accepting the world around you for what it is in that moment. Surrendering to a feeling. If you have been itching for those cloudy day folk vibes, look no further. Their voices are in such incredible harmony and it feels almost ethereal. This is the perfect track for aimlessly pining for love that feels far away.

Speaking on ‘Dialtone’, they said, "Dialtone was written after we’d moved a long distance away from each other. We’d worried about the impact it could have on our friendship. It just so happens that in that year or so we’d both endured some drastic changes in our lives, but the distance created a pathway for more meaningful communication. We called when we needed to and we visited each other at the most important times. If anything it brought us closer together as we realised we could actually depend on each other. It all sounds cheesy, but it’s what the song is about and it’s important to recognise how important some people are to you."

While adding about the new video, "We had a great time doing the video for this. Once again we found ourselves outside in attire not suited to the time of year. It’s the first time our video has had a storyline. It was conceived and directed by Jack Lilley and Jamie Harding. We communicated through tin cans and string and the string had always been tight, when it goes loose something is wrong. Jack traversed various parts of Bristol in vintage pyjamas to try and find Ollie to find out what’s happened and restore communication once more. We left Bristol, in love with Bristol and can’t wait to go back."

Continuing the same warm and vibrant direction they have showcased thus far, their eponymous full-length LP aims to deliver a wider and more dynamic approach to their flourishing folk-pop aesthetic. Featuring the previously unveiled efforts ‘Latchkey’ and ‘Moth to a Flame’, their new collection looks to delve deeper into the pair’s personal connection and experiences, creating a more intimate and honest array throughout.

Speaking about the new album, they said, "The album was a joint therapy for us, there would be no songs if we didn’t create a sacred space to talk openly and honestly without prejudice. In the process we were able to reach the depths of our heartbreak, family issues, loneliness and friendship and Cathartically wrenched them into 12 songs. We’re unbelievably proud of the outcome. It’s our first album, a truly monumental thing for us, it felt like we were working towards it before it was even a possibility, so the fact it’s finally here is mind blowing. We poured everything into it and can’t wait to put it out into the world and share it with you."

Accompanied by the lead single ‘Dialtone’, this release looks to mark the beginning of a new phase within their friendship, written shortly after the pair moved to separate parts of the country. Highlighted throughout the stunning new video, directed by Jack Lilley and Jaime Harding, we see the duo come to terms with their now separated situation and find an even stronger connection within it.

Memorial are folk-pop duo Jack and Ollie. Neither are in any great hurry, with their songwriting process originally found spent solo, several hundred miles apart in Brighton and Manchester. Voice memos zipped across the internet, all half thoughts and feelings seeking the other’s encouragement. It’s a career just a few songs deep, but already they’ve got Lucy batting for their side, supported US queen Courtney Marie Andrews, label mate Samatha Crain and Flyte to name a few, and bags of enthusiasm between them all suggesting that, just maybe they’re onto something here.

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