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Desperado Orchestra Releases “Outer Space” On Earth

Desperados Orchestra Aka J Lawson dropped his debut single “Outer Space” this summer and no one can fail to be impressed. This track will take you out of this world with its amazing string orchestration and harmonic developments. The funky groove of the track also blends soul, blues and jazz and Lawson’s voice gives it a profound feel. The depth he manifests in his music comes from his life experience as a soldier in Iraq, which left him with troubles readapting to society, and only music was able to give him the strength to transcend his struggles. The artist wrote this song as a tribute to his wife and talks about the feeling of love and how it takes us to “Outer Space” when we embrace it and how nourishing it is to the soul. Based in Hawaii where he teaches music, Desperados Orchestra is today ready to share his talent and message with the world.

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