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"Deep Sea Diver" - Parks N’ Rec | Review

Returning from his 13 year long hiatus, Canadian singer Marco Difelice teams up with Self Titled Studios to release brand new music under the moniker ‘Parks N’ Rec.’ The collab’s latest single Deep Sea Diver is a lonesome, heartfelt tune, but with a silver lining of happiness. Created while the songwriter was spending time in Belize, the song deals with themes of isolation and courage, symbolized by the vast unknown of the deep blue sea.

Formerly the lead singer of pop-punk band ‘Supergarage,’ Difelice has already developed an impressive resume in the industry with producing, songwriting, and supervising credits for films, adverts, and television shows (Orphan Black, Lost Girl). His solo EP, The Sun that Somewhat Sets, was his most recent project released almost a decade ago.

Now, Difelice’s latest song under his collab project Parks N’ Rec is his most introspective to date; inspired by the bravery of deep sea divers in Belize, DiFelice was interested in exploring how the divers broke through the barriers of their mind and body to discover ‘what’s underneath.’

The song opens with a soft, thrumming guitar that sets a steady rhythm behind Difelice’s bold, but soothing tone. He has a similar folk style to Orville Peck in that both can be recognized by their distinctly strong, but warm timbre. This contrast of light and robust sounds gives the song an uplifting feeling, expressing the release of those heavy burdens inside.

Throughout the song, the production is intentionally stripped back, focusing the attention towards the musical cultural influences, such as the muted steelpan that recalls the sounds of the sea. At the end of the song, the lyrics call, “Hey deep sea diver, how far have you come, where have you gone, and when you comin’ up for air?” These questions are meant to resonate with us in a healing way, while also reminding us that the impossible things we never thought we’d survive, no longer have to hold us underwater.

Deep Sea Diver’s exploration of the unknown aligns itself sublimely with Parks N’ Rec’s intended journey. In creating the collaboration project, Difelice envisioned it as an outlet to express feelings associated with, “lost love, polarizing societies, and self-renewal.” To further evoke the visceral nature of such heavy emotions, the singer’s songwriting process has heavily relied on the natural magic of real life locations– a recurring theme for his upcoming releases.

The soulful, and mesmerizing sound of Parks N’ Rec creates an inner melody of pure euphoria. Difelice’s easy-going aura fills you with a blissfully serene emotion, complete with the natural allure of the earth– an enchanting premonition of the group’s future endeavors.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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