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“Deep Dark Sleep” - Melanie MacLaren |Review

Fresh from her debut EP is “Deep Dark Sleep” by indie folk singer/songwriter Melanie MacLaren. The echoing, distorted, and melancholy sounds of such a beautifully downtempo song conjure moody images in the mind of foggy forests and lush green grounds under overcast skies.

The song opens with gentle acoustic noodling with some ambient forest songs, setting the tone for the next 5 minutes. Soon, MacLaren’s strong, alto voice comes in with some personal vignette-like lyrics similar to those of Phoebe Bridgers. Her voice sounds sturdy and tall, like a 100-year-old willow tree dancing freely in the wind. After the harmony-filled chorus comes the sounds of a yearning fiddle with a banjo plucking beneath it, building more overtime as lush synths weave beneath the surface throughout the duration of the song.

If there’s one word to describe this song, I’d say it’s “ethereal”. It’s big and tall, but mystifying and airy all the same. MacLaren’s vocals are hypnotic, making the song sound almost like a lofty, melancholy lullaby. “Deep Dark Sleep” is a timeless song, but with modern arrangement and high-quality production value that makes it sound like it’s surrounding the listener like fog. It’s truly enchanting, and anyone who longs to scream something beautiful and meaningful from the cliffsides will fall hopelessly in love with this song.

Melanie MacLaren grew up in New York and moved to Nashville in 2020, making her music free moving just as she is. Her debut EP, “Kill My Time,” was release din February of 2022 following the release of her singles “Graveyard Shift,” “Melbourne,” and “Pushing Daisies.” MacLaren is known as a songwriter for her ability to fuse together timeless folk music with contemporary, imaginative lyricism.

Written by Jess Ward

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