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Debut Single "Hurting" by KISA |PR

Singer, songwriter, dancer and more, KISA's debut single shows great vulnerability and demonstrates her skill as an artist.

The melancholy single is a debut which shows KISA's fragile side. With a polished exterior and confident presence this track allows listeners to get another side of this emerging gem.

About Hurting:

On her debut single, KISA says “Hurting resembles the inner dialogue during difficult times, depression, and/or anxiety. Vulnerable and personal, this single is a representation of how I tend to speak to myself now versus how I would speak to a younger self going through hard times.”

About KISA:

KISA was the first in her Russian/Ukrainian family to be born in the US. She grew up in the LA area, speaking both English and Russian. At an early age, KISA picked up the piano from her professional pianist grandmother. She began to express herself creatively through poetry, songwriting, acting, and dancing. At age 18, KISA began to record her own music and train in Heels dancing. She is a natural-born performer due to her dance background and love for big audiences. Her passion is endless for poetry and songwriting and her love for music is genuine. She is set to release her debut single, "Hurting" on May 1st, 2020. Twitter: @musicbykisa Instagram: @krilovekayl

Hannah Schneider of Unheard Gems Press by

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