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“Dear Karma” - Felicia Lu | Review

Are you ready to kick off 2022 as the badass you are? Well ready or not Felicia Lu is ready to go with her newest single “Dear Karma”.

This dark electro-pop track packs a punch. She is a total powerhouse. With smooth vocals and a snappy beat, this song is the full package.

“Dear Karma tells the story of being wronged in the past and taking revenge. It's my start to a new era starting in January with a fresh and darker sound, trying to be more unique and personal.”

There is something both calming but daring about this track. Lu has so much control which just makes the song feel very contained but at the same time you are confronted with this intensity and power that tells you she means business and you can never be too sure what she is capable of. This song is one I think could get radio placement right away, it has this infectious beat and the chorus is a total earworm. 11/10 from the Unheard Gems team. Am I the only one longing for a music video?

Felicia Lu is a 24 year-old Indie Pop singer from Germany, now based in Vienna, Austria.

On herself she reflects:

“My name is Felicia Lu Kürbiß but I go with Felicia Lu because Kürbiß means pumpkin in German and I'd rather not be the veggie girl - I was born in Germany and am now living in Vienna, Austria - I am a full-time singer and songwriter which means I'm broke, but happy - I love dogs and can tolerate cats (except Meredith, Oliva and Benjamin - love them) - I have heterochromia which is currently blowing up as a filter on TikTok so I'm gonna mentioned it here in hopes of it convincing you of me being super cool - I'm gonna release a ton of really cool music this year”

After making it to the finals of the RTL Talentshow „Rising Star“ in 2014 and to the finals of the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, she’s been working on and releasing her original music. Felicia Lu is a multi-talent when it comes to music in all forms. She plays several instruments, writes her own songs, produces, and sings.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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