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“Dead Inside” - Lo Lo | Review

The Toronto pop darling Lo Lo returns with her latest sad girl bop, “Dead Inside”.

Dead Inside’ is an emotional rollercoaster of record that marks the first single from her forthcoming EP Permanent Damage, which shows a vulnerable side of Lo-Lo that listeners had yet to really hear. Her vocals feel polished but not distant from the listener which makes this track special. With a title like “Dead Inside” you could easily feed too much into cliches and superficial lyrics but Lo Lo maintains this sense of identity and keeps it real and grounded. The clever and unique lyrics outline the familiar feelings of emptiness and self-doubt. Accompanied by a quirky visual, co-created by world-renowned tattoo and visual artist, Curt Montgomery, and Toronto based multi-media guru, That Good Graphic.

On the track, Lo Lo notes: “Do you ever get that hollow feeling— the one that reminds you you’ve been feeling nothing at all? I call that feeling ‘dead inside’. Sometimes you don’t realize how dead inside you’ve become until you wake up and snap out of it... Kinda like that first breath, when you just realized you haven’t taken one in a while. I wrote Dead Inside about a dark time. I was really struggling, going through the motions of everyday life and trying to put on a smile. I felt numb. I didn’t talk to anybody about how I was feeling. I could barely admit it to myself. A year later, I finally connected with someone who helped me feel like ‘me’ again. Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder from somebody that cares about you, to make you feel alive. I hope when you listen to this song, it makes you think about that person who always seems to know how to bring you back to life”

Lo Lo made her first splash on the pop scene in April of 2018 with the release of her smash debut 'Yours' which peaked at #21 at Hot AC radio in Canada. An impressive feat for an artist's debut, Lo Lo was selected as iHeart Radio's Future Star while the track soared up both radio and streaming charts. Lo Lo has been featured on some of the hottest playlists such as Spotify’s Chill Hits, Hot Hits Canada, Pop All Day, Indie Pop Chillout, Morning Commute and New Music Friday, peaking at #18 on Spotify's Viral Chart, as well as Apple Music’s A-List Pop, Teen Pop Hits, Friday Feeling and Pop Replay, and Amazon Music’s Girl Squad and Introducing, to name a few. Most recently, Lo Lo captured the attention of BuzzFeed with her Delilah POV cover of "Hey There Delilah".

Review by Hannah Schneider

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