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“Cuts Me Up" - Holly Wild | Review

Holly Wild’s song “Cuts Me Up” is an alt pop song about guilt and betrayal. It’s the lead single for her first album “Fire”. The song starts like any typical indie song - with guitar chords and delicate vocals. Then the beat drop comes at the first chorus and switches back instantly after. Not gonna lie, the beat drops caught me off guard at first, but the contrast between that and Holly’s vocals help encapsulate distortion in a musical way. It has a similar vibe to most of Billie Eilish songs.

The lyrics of “Cuts Me Up” show the singer’s perspective of a betrayal between people. Even though the person at the end of the knife got hurt, the song focuses on Holly’s inner thoughts because she stabbed them in the back. The electric beat drops in the chorus symbolizes guilt and regret breaking through the sympathetic facade of the guitar, vocals, and harmonies. In short, the music switches between innocent and guilty as the lyrics talk about the guilt eating Holly up inside.

“Cuts Me Up” is perfect for any alternative pop playlists and a perfect sync placement for teen and adult drama shows (i.e. The Summer I Turned Pretty).“Cuts Me Up” released on March 21 and the debut album “Fire” released on March 22, so be sure to check them out!

Australian singer-songwriter Holly Wild steps into the music scene with blends of pop, electric, and folk genres, personable lyrics, and memorable melodies. With similar inspirations from Maggie Rogers, The Aces, and HAIM, her sweet and carefree vocals carry through heavy productions of drums, loops, and rhythms. Holly’s passion for storytelling heavily shows in her songs, whether it’s about heartbreak, betrayal, confessions, or inspiration. Her studies of the Kabbalah and spirituality are her many inspirations in creating mystical, out-of-this-world music.

Holly studied music at the Australian Institute of Music, earning her bachelor’s in music. For several years, she has been writing and releasing singles, leading up to her debut album “Fire”. According to her Spotify bio, it’s her “plant-her-flag statement” to show the world her talents.

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