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“Crush Me” - Fuller | Review

“Crush Me” by Fuller is a pop rock song full of courage. It gave me a much-needed reminder: life is for living, don’t let fear hold you back.”

The song starts off with a bang with a guitar that carries its fiery rock energy throughout. Fuller’s alternative, rock tone is akin to hits by the All American Rejects. The production adds complexity and slower portions that enhance the emotion of the song and make the faster-paced segments stand out. These lyrics are bold. On his knees, he commands life, “don’t let me down easy” because risks are worth taking and he is not going to let fear stop him. Fuller’s J.P Welsh says, “Crush Me is a song about running headfirst into life. It's about knowing that I might fail, but not fearing failure, because never trying would be the biggest failure of all...Live your life. Have fun.”

Fuller is the vision of J.P Welsh, an artist based in Los Angeles, California. His debut single “Favorite Poison” was released this year on March 20th and it has already reached more than 200,000 streams. He is known for reframing feelings of heartache and desire with optimistic energy and sharp wit. During quarantine, he has taken to social media from Instagram to Tik Tok to share his music with the world.

Tik Tok:


Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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