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"Crimson Sunset" - Rum Jungle |Review

Perfect for the upcoming summer night bike rides, Rum Jungle’s latest surf-rock inspired single Crimson Sunset is a groovy, sun kissed reminder to live in the good moments as long as you can. The lead track for the Newcastle group’s upcoming EP, Everything is Easy, sets the tone for the feel good collection of songs, drawing upon a variety of musical influences including folk, alt-pop, indie, and reggae.

Rum Jungle’s lead vocalist, Benny, describes Crimson Sunset as a ‘song in which we wanted the sound to reflect the name.’ “When I listen to this one I imagine a couple of beers and the Newcastle sunset from the Anzac Bridge around where I grew up. It’s supposed to be warm and feel-good and is really just about knowing you can’t have everything and some things can be a bit shit but it’s all good at the end of the day if you’re with good people."

Nostalgic undertones are combined with laid-back instrumentals to perfectly illustrate the intoxicating happiness of summer hedonism. The group’s varied musical influences lend themselves beautifully to this song with infectious folk guitar rhythms, surf-rock backing vocals, and indie-rock style production. Benny’s vocals are reminiscent of early Foster the People with a subtle tone that doesn’t overpower the other musical elements, but embodies the coolness of the song. As the lyrics repeat the refrain, ‘Well it’s enough for me’ we are encouraged to let go of what we can’t have, trusting that where we are is where we should be.

Rum Jungle’s fusion of easy-going melodies and sun-drenched sound in Crimson Sunset conveys the bands’ unique perspective on a multitude of genres. Their refreshing and versatile musicianship has evolved from previous tracks such as Upbeat Lord, into their current aesthetic of illustrious soundscapes of pure groove, combined with alternative influences. Every musical component is meant to immerse you in the song, serving as a tangible example of what ‘everything is easy’ feels like.

The Australian-based group’s contagiously laid back persona has particularly resonated with their devoted fan base, resulting in a smattering of sold out shows across the east coast since the release of their first two EPs. Rum Jungle creates the carefree moments their music reflects in live performances making them a concert you wouldn’t want to miss. Following the release of the upcoming, Everything is Easy EP, the band will head off their ‘Everything is Easy’ tour in select locations across Australia.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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